Planting Malaysia grass at the NamKhan Project in Luang Prabang Laos

Our Story

Who is Behind the NamKhan Project Ecofarm Laos?

Behind the NamKhan Project Ecofarm Laos is a group of European enthusiasts who are in love with it and the pristine nature it has to offer.  NamKhan means “water” and “river” in Lao and is the name of the river on which we are found. We have adapted its name into the project name. In 2016, we began the advancement of a biologically feasible permaculture eco farm joined with an instructional hub for permaculture, horticulture and working as an instructional hub for woodwork/carpentry, bamboo wicker basket creation, along with other textiles. We purchased a plot outside Luang Prabang for the advancement of a hotel resort site however it serves another purpose.

Some Foundation about the NamKhan Project

We are not a benefit association but rather we will reinvest to build the scope of our instructive data.

On the NamKhan Eco Farm, we will have instruction offices for nearby agriculturists. In addition, we will have an instruction community for children and young people; the objective of venture, other than the depicted instruction, is giving the ability to visit schools and help them.

We began actualizing the venture in 2016. Presently, we have space set up with 9 assembled nurseries, different housing structures for staff, stockpiling structures and greenhouses.

If you would like to support the efforts in any capacity, kindly get in touch with us. Any assistance we can use for tasks or which we can pass to the nearby group is very welcome.

The Vision Behind the NamKhan Venture


It is our vision to create a maintainable eco cultivating core venture which acts as an instructive community for nearby agriculturists for biological cultivating, as well as, creating and offering new market sections by implementing present-day innovation for neighborhood ranchers to utilize.

The General Population Spaces at the NamKhan Project


We implanted in the eco cultivate is our open experience space which we composed of a greenhouse, outside pool, spa, exercise areas and an additional eatery. We offer courses including subjects such as eco farming, contemplation, yoga and worldly topics intend to attract the worldwide guest.

The Development Works

Development attempts to actualize the real plan have begun and we trust that entire task will finish in 2018. Vegetable creation in 9 nurseries and different vegetable fields began in June 2017. The NamKhan Project will offer working places for roughly 100 local employees.

The Timing of the NamKhan Venture

The permaculture eco farm started in 2017 in addition, not only the site will open for guests in January , 2018 but also we look forward to finish this by mid 2018.

Proprietor Data

Proprietor of NamKhan Project and Eco farm is the Green Tea Ltd. i.e. an organization in Luang Prabang, Laos.


Please visit our team page by clicking here to see who is involved in the NamKhan Project.

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