Become Partner of the NamKhan Project and Eco Farm

Go along with us as a partner of the NamKhan Project:

We thank you for visiting  page and we hope that you liked information on page importantly, you will like pictures. You must partner because Laos is poor nation on the planet and you can check the connection of ADB .


There are many things available like assets , supply and instructions in Laos still this place has far to go.

Specifically , locals at farm can’t read therefore government funded schools since these local specialists get the instructions through sanctuaries. Children don’t go to class because they live remote furthermore, they can’t bear cost of transportation and there are snags.


Become Partner of the NamKhan Project and Eco Farm


Planning this vision, in this excellent place costs a ton of enthusiasm, commitment and money. No one called us and requested help it was our choice to come here and do what we do.


Following a thought where in which you accept – where the main issue isn’t really money or income – where little advances are as of now remunerating is another experience for the vast majority of us chipping away at this task, however with each progression we take we perceive how the dynamic is developing and how eager individuals are about the project – this persuades us a great deal and demonstrates us consistently that we are destined for success.


We welcome you profoundly and you must know how to partner most importantly, you can exchange assets and contribution. You can also get some learning and experience from us on this important project.

We are developing a system of foundations , associations , colleges and schools and it will specially enable us building up an exciting and beneficial venture in addition, his system will help us to know who to utilize us as research or instructive office.

At the moment people seem to get the impression that everything is open up and running and following are the opening dates:


– open to tours with discussed programs with the tour operator from Dec onwards

– opening to the public from Jan/Feb onwards – we will announce date soon

– until then the spa area, rock pool area, the restaurant, and parts of the botanical gardens are build


We are looking for the following commercial partners at the moment :


Following are some Examples where we are seeking Partners and Contacts at the Moment, if you have other ideas in mind do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much in advance.


– outdoor spa/massage area operator who runs the spa in the botanical garden

– yoga institutions or single teachers who want to set up workshops and longer running courses from 2018 onwards.

– mindfullness meditation trainers/coaches who want to set up courses and or workshops from 2018 onwards .

– tour operators who want to bring their groups to the land from dec 2017 onwards see program on the …for tour operators…. page.

– tour operators who want to take the farm as a holiday destination for groups up to 20 people from fall 2018 onwards.

– permaculture design teachers who want to use the farm for their workshops for up to 25 people from end of Freburary 2018 onwards.

– travel agencies and tour operators who want to offer their group a different kind of holiday, team building event, management seminar ……


Please contact us through our contact page for any questions you might have.


On our gallery page you can find a lot of recent pictures of the Eco Farm and the Public Gardens.


If you are a tour operator please click here.


If you are a toour operator please and want to Become partner of the namkhan project and eco farm click on this link where we gathered some information for tour- operators.

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