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What is the NamKhan Project?


Namkhan project is Eco farm Luang Prabang, Laos and our mission is spreading awareness of permaculture farming techniques. Most importantly, one can easily discover the Namkhan village and the village sitautes parallel to the Namkhan river and it also consists of different workshops, learning centers and housing facilities for guests and volunteers. Visitors can also walk through the gardens as they are an open and ideal space to unwind at an outside spa a pool and an exercise area as well as the gardens are an area to relax.


NamKhan Project Island in the river

NamKhan Project Island in the river

Where is the NamKhan Project?


Laos is the home Luang Prabang and it is the alleged land locked or “forgotten” nation just north of Thailand as well as the place is an ensured UNESCO world culture legacy site. Luang Prabang is a cozy and safe city amidst the wilderness most importantly, it is a place where the Mekong and NamKhan rivers meet. The NamKhan Eco Farm is around 5 km and it is outside of Luang Prabang besides, it extends along the NamKhan river.

Please follow this link, to get detailed instructions how to find us.


Beach club at NamKhan Project

Beach club at NamKhan Project

Most Importantly , When Will the NamKhan Project be Open for the General Population?


Above all, the project will open for public visits early 2018 and you can check tour page for information. We will begin program discussions with tour operator in December in addition, it will open for public on January 15th. Until then, we will finish the spa area, the rock pool area, the restaurant, and the public gardens.

Travel groups can begin visiting us today for individual tours and catering by contacting us in advance.


What Opportunities are Offered for Guests of the NamKhan Project?

Furthermore, below are some of the activities we offer our guests to both long term and short term staying:


Relaxing and unwinding:


Not only there are beautiful public gardens but the visitors can spend time along the bank of the NamKhan River. Here,guests can spend the entire day unwinding on comfortable bamboo sun beds and they will appreciate the peace and tranquility of the flowing water in addition, they can also explore diverse surrounding nature or swim.




Furthermore, we offer long term courses ,workshops as well as diverse day time courses. Mainly , the topics include permaculture, horticulture, bamboo wicker basket making, carpentry, urban farming, and material creation.

Building Island bridge at NamKhan Project

Building Island bridge at NamKhan Project

Yoga and reflection:


A large part of the offered courses will revolve around the areas of yoga and care. Beginning January 2018, different yoga and mindfulness classes will commence in the mornings and at sunsets . Please visit the NamKhan Project facebook page or this website where we will have our event calendar for 2018 online soon.


Spa and health:


We are building a spa arranged in a tranquil setting under bamboo trees within the flowerbed of our project. This area will include cabins in which guests can get massages and beauty treatments.




Nourishment and drinks:


The NamKhan project will have distinct sustenance and drink outlets . These outlets offer local Laos nourishment, global nourishment, and super green nourishment.


Recreation area:


There will be a recreation in the Namkhan project. The area consists of a beach volleyball court, a sand badminton court, 2 petanque courts, and a natural outdoor gym. Other facilities include a swimming pool, an adventure playground, yoga platforms, changing rooms, and showers.


Tour operators:


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