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This page consists of the frequent questions which visitors or people who might want to visit us have. If you want to visit us, and plan to stay longer than several days, please review these questions so that you can prepare your trip accordingly.


If you plan to volunteer, please check the “Volunteer Related Questions” category and prepare your trip properly.


“What if I do not find an answer in the FAQs?”

If you have any further questions which are not in the FAQ area, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Questions which people ask from time to time:

We try to update the frequent questions which people ask more than once. Please check here if our web information was not sufficient - or contact us through our contact page.

Are there any hospitals in the area?

LuangPrabang is home to an international as well as local hospitals. In addition, there are a couple of doctors in the village. Please click here for additional information. However, for more serious medical issues, we recommend travelling to Bangkok or Vietnam. We also recommend that visitors purchase medical insurance from overseas, to cover air transport for emergencies.


Are there any shops nearby?

Luang Prabang is about  5 km away, small shops are 1 -2 km away. In Luang Prabang you find a few international shops, things like cables, camera cards etc. we recommend to have since the supply even for obvious items is not always guaranteed.

Do I need any special vacinations?

To our knowledge there are no legally-required vaccinations for travelling Laos. However, please check the following link to keep updated with developments.The Government also frequently updates health-related travel information here.



Is internet access available?

Yes, there is wifi available.

Is it possible to swim in the Nam Khan river?

Yes  it is possible to swim in the river. However, this depends on the time of year, due to the speed of the river and the clarity of the water. The best time for swimming in the river is between November and February, when the river is not so fast and pretty clear. On the property we have a island situated in the river directly in front of the property which is connected to the property. Please go to our


to see some pictures of our public areas.

Is there a restaurant on the farm?

Yes there will be a restaurant on the farm opening beginning of 2018 when we open the public spaces to the general public,  which serves serving organic fresh Laotian  and international food. We pride ourselves in utilising our own produce as the ingredients for the restaurant’s menu.

On the Ecofarm we have our staff and volunteer restaurant where small snacks, bees and drinks can be bought also outside the normal breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

What about transportation?

In Luang Prabang you will find a vast array of transportation methods, ranging from motorbike taxis to vans with a driver. Another way is to take a boat from Luang Prabang upstream the NamKhan for about 25 Minutes and you automatically arrive at the property.

It is also possible to rent bikes, scooters and cars. On the farm we have a couple of bikes to rent, please check the volunteer

information agreement  

for more info, if you need any information prior to your arrival please contact us through our Contact page.


What kind of papers do I need if I work for you as a foreigner?

Getting working permissions for foreigners in Laos is a costly and timely process. For every foreigner we employ we are required to employ 3 Laotian nationals. Therefore, we have to limit the amount of foreigners working for us. If we need to

apply for a working permit

for foreigner workers, we need the employee’s passport for about 2 weeks, so as to send it to the relevant authorities in Vientiane together with a detailed CV and 12 passport pictures.

Please take a look at this


for useful information about working and living in Laos.  

Which is the best way to travel to Luang Prabang?

You can cam to Luang Prabang by plane, bus or car. Air Asia, Lao Airlines and Bangkok airlines fly a few times per day from Bangkok and if you book in advance you can get affordable airfares. The Bus from Vientiane takes about 8 to 10 hours, also depending a little on the weather. In the rainy season the road can be blocked and the ride takes much longer. 

Renting a car we do not recommend if you are not accustomed to driving in South East Asia.

Volunteering related questions:

Volunteer related questions for volunteers at the NamKhan Project near Luang Prabang in Laos.

Are there any restaurants in the area?

The closest restaurants are located in LuangPrabang, where you can find a wide variety of eateries, featuring local, as well as international cuisines.

Please check our volunteer page to see what we offer regarding food to the volunteers,

click here. 


Are there poisonous animals at the NamKhan eco farm?

Snakes, scorpions and other dangerous creatures tend to move to places which are uninhabited by man. However, Laos is home to a number of poisonous snakes and insects. This is one of the main reasons for wearing secure shoes on the farm and following the advice of the locals.


Can I have something send to your location?

Please check our

contact page

and or our

where we are page 

there we have listed our address of our office and of the Farm location. It is no problem to have something send to you as long as you are here . Please use the listed address on the mentioned page. Also calculate that the post in Laos usually takes a couples days longer and also couriers take a week or so to arrive from Europe, Australia and the USA.  We recommend to use DHL which according to our experience akso takes 8 days from Europe or the USA f.e..

Does it cost money to be a volunteer at the NamKhan Project?

Many volunteering organizations or projects charge money for volunteering. We do not charge any money from our volunteers. How ever we would be very grateful if you donate an amount of money which ever you think is appropriate which we will use for donations to outside institutions, learning material for the schools where you teach etc.  The NamKhan Project does not need your money to support the project – but around the NamKhan Project are many local people who are in desperate need of help in any way which in the end of the day most of the time comes down to money which is needed to make things happen or purchase items in need.

From when on do you host volunteers and holdiday guests?

We will be able to start hosting volunteers as of November 2017.

For more information about volunteering with us, please check our Volunteers page.

Holiday guests can book rooms for accommodation as of March 2018. We will announce the exact opening dates beginning of 2018 on this website. Please leave your email address and you will get our regular newsletter.

How many other volunteers will be there at the same time?

This will vary depending on the time of the year and the season. We have sleeping places for up to 12 volunteers in 3 bungalows on the farm and 2 places in our down town office.

What can I do in my free time?

Check the following


there you find pretty actual what you can do in Luang Prabang and the area. There are various nice destinations which you can reach within an hour taxi or tuk tuk ride. You can also spend your free time on the property which offers various possibilities. Please look


for more details.

What do I do in my worktime?

Usually our volunteers works between 4 and 7 hours each day. Their time is divided in community works,  farm works, and educational jobs plus any special jobs you might choose to to.

Please check this link.   

You are living in a community with several volunteers, so we have a changing schedule of jobs which need to be done on regular bases. 

Our staff works between 7.30 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Educational sessions are usually between 5 and 7. For example teaching the children of the village or our staff in the village school english. 


What kind of papers do I need if i come as a volunteer?

You need a passport (valid for more than 6 months) and your entry Visa into Laos. Please check your respective Embassy website to see whether there are any restrictions for your nationality. Your Visa can be obtained from your country of residence  upon your arrival at the Laos boarder for 30 days  (against a fee of between USD$20 and USD$40, depending on your country of origin). It is possible to extend the visa for 30 days against a fee of 3 USD per day at the Luang Prabang police station.


When do the volunteers have free days?

The volunteers works 6 days a week and have a free day every Sunday. Besides that you can choose any day you want within every 3 weeks as a free day – in Laos they call this day the Buddha day. 

Where do the volunteers live?

We have 3 bungalows for volunteer purposes, each bungalow can host up to 4 people, depending on availability, the rooms are not to small, every bungalow has a toilet and shower, fan and desk and personal safe box is in the room.  In front of the bungalow is a little porch with seating and table. Besides that we have separate showers and toilets on the farm which are also used by the local staff. There is kitchen house with a inside and outside seating area. 

Which clothing should I bring?

Regardless of what activity you do, we recommend long work trousers, good robust water proof work shoes and long sleeve shirts as well as a hats or caps, for working outdoors. It can be very chilly at night (depending on the time of year) and temperatures can drop steeply at night. Therefore, pullovers or sweaters are recommended. Since it can also rain quite heavily in Laos (even outside the rainy season), a good rain protection windbreaker is a must.Gloves and sun glasses are a good accessory also. Volunteers can wash their clothes on the farm in our laundry room.

Clothing can be bought in Luang Prabang without a problem but finding work boots in bigger sizes can be an issue.

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