Eco farming at NamKhan Project

 NamKhan Project – Tour Operator Information:

Information for Tour Operators who want to visit the NamKhan Project:


The NamKhan project is pristine to the tourism showcase in LuangPrabang, at first we didn’t consider opening the premises to people in general so quick however the enthusiasm for permaculture cultivating and the NamKhan Project is overpowering.

So we chose to open from End of January  2018 onwards,  to tour operators who want to visit us with pre booked groups.

Please take a look at our gallery page, there you can see the  progressing works and what is happening at the NamKhan Project at the moment.


The NamKhan Project will be offering two tours type of tours, a half day and a full day tour.

The half day tour starts every day at 09.00 and at 14 at the at the NamKhan ecofarm and lasts arount 3-4 hours

The foul day tour starts at 09.00 in the moring and the tour members can stay on the NamKhan eco farm and in the NamKhan gardens the entire day.


Please CLICK HERE to see the schedule of the full day tour


Please click here to see the schedule of the half day tour.


Please also take a look at our Events page by clicking here where we compiled additional information regarding private events.


If you are a tour operator servicing Luang Prabang please contact us. We are interested in setting up regular cooperations.


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Suk doing lamps

More Information for Tour Operators: