Planting: An environment friendly hobby

Planting: An environment friendly hobby


Introduction of planting process:

Planting hobby is an interesting process of putting seed in the ground or in the pot so that it can grow into a plant and later on big tree. Planting is done generally for forestry, land reclamation, landscaping or simple for the fulfillment of hobby. It is also known as afforestation, an opposite of deforestation.  The most common type of planting is open field planting. Open-field planting refers to the form of sowing used historically in the agricultural context whereby fields are prepared generically and left open, as the name suggests, before being sown directly with seed. The seed is frequently left uncovered at the surface of the soil before germinating and therefore exposed to the prevailing climate and conditions like storms etc.

Love of Planting is eternal:

As someone said “the love of gardening is a seed, once sown that never dies”. So the happiness one gets after planting is never ending. The process involves sowing seeds over an area of land where the damage has been done by human activities such as damaged by fire, epidemic or by some natural calamities.

Steps of planting:

Following steps are taken to plant a tree;

  1. Dig a shallow, broad planting hole.
  2. Drop the seed into the soil
  3. Cover with soil and water
  4. Make sure it gets plenty of sunshine
  5. Watch it closely for a couple of weeks
  6. The plant start growing within weeks

Atmospheric benefits of planting:

Planting has a lot of benefits  for atmosphere as well as for human health. When you plant trees, they combat the hazardous effects of climate change. Trees clean the atmosphere and provide oxygen. Trees keep the streets and cities cool and mitigates the effects of urban housing. It saves water and conserve energy. They also help in preventing water pollution. Planting also helps in preventing soil erosion and shield us from ultra violet rays of sun. UV rays of sun can cause skin cancer. Trees heals the patients as natural atmosphere has a soothing effect on brain and body.

Health benefits of planting:

Plantation of various flowers, plants, vegetables and tress also mark the season. Trees give us fruits and food of different varieties in different seasons depending upon the climate. Indoor plants have certain health benefits such as they provide cleaner air, lowers the risk for illness, boot up the mood, enhance concentration and memory. Other than that there are culinary benefits of planting herbs or kitchen gardening. Planting at home gives healthy fresh food as well as rich herbs that are helpful in the cure of many diseases.

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