Vetiver Grass – Effective Protection from Er...

Vetiver Grass – Effective Protection from Erosion

Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) known in India as Khus

Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) famous in India as Khus is a dense clumping plant and like the lemongrass and citronella has a refreshing citrus smell.  Amazingly, this useful plant is beneficial right from the farm!  For instance, farmers have used vetiver to control erosion for centuries.  Vetiver grows in the wild and can it be up to 1.5 meters tall.

Season and where it Grows

Vetiver grass is prevalent in most tropical regions such as Haiti, India, and Indonesia, though it is native to India. The leaves are long and thin with purple to brown flowers. It can cultivate in various types of climate and soils. The vetiver is useful to acid, sodic, saline and alkaline soils. The power of this grass lays in its deep and long roots. The vetiver can survive in cold conditions though it is a tropical plant.

Nutritional Information

The nutrient content depends on the season, growth stage and soil fertility. However, the oil extract from vetiver is famous for its anti-oxidant that can detox the body of free radicals, which may result in a stronger immune system. Also, research has shown that the anti-oxidant popular in the vetiver oil is a potent protective agent.

Medicinal Uses of the Vetiver

Aside its nutritional benefit, vetiver oil has anti-bacterial properties. You can use it by inhaling the oil or diffusing it into the air in your hom.This precious oil also works as a stress reliever and can help a restless person sleep better thanks to its sedative properties. It can be in use either through inhaling or adding to other essential oils and rubbing on the body for soothing effects.

Products in Which Vetiver Oil is in use

This amazing oil extracts and in use for cosmetics, herbal skin care, fragrances and aromatherapy and ayurvedic soap. Due to its healing properties, it is a natural remedy for skin problems such as scars and acne. Moreover, it can promote regeneration of the tissues and skin cells.

Culinary Usage

Vetiver grass is in use to produce Khus syrup, a dark-green liquid that is commonly in use as a flavoring agent. It has a unique scent, and it prepares by adding water and citric syrup to the Khus essence. You use it to add flavor to milkshakes, ice-creams, and yogurts. Khus ka Sherbat is an excellent example of drinks the made with this syrup.


Vetiver is a plant to be considered when we think about how nature deposited so many amazing benefits in a single plant. And that is why we have to embrace the green revolution. Whether to be used for food, for medicinal purpose, or to protect our environment, the vetiver grass can be extremely useful.

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