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Volunteering in Laos on a Eco farm

Why Volunteering Laos Eco Farm?

There is one of the best opportunities available for you at the Namkhan project only if you have interest in our delicate biological community in addition, you must be available to contribute time, vitality and full dedication and it can satisfy the driven objective of breathing life into the NamKhan Project, volunteering. It’s a great opportunity if you can join the group and you can also consider that you are capable to give your best to help the fate of unknown individuals while you prepare yourself for higher purpose.

The Nam Khan Eco Farm is the perfect place for volunteers to transform a fantasy into a reality and we are keen to meet you because we think that it is possible to learn anything if you have the correct inspiration and excitement.

Our eco farm relies primarily on volunteers and we specially focus on your vitality, commitment, ability to learn and personal qualities because these qualities can make an impact in the historical backdrop of NamKhan Project.

We make commitment to your training and personal growth and regard you as accomplice and companion in addition, you will be on your way to one of the most rewarding and lasting experiences in your lifetime by reaching out to us.


Volunteering in Laos

Volunteering in Laos has a long history and you can check reports about volunteering in Laos by clicking the link in addition, you are welcome to explore before deciding to choose Laos as your volunteering destination.


If you are intrigued and would like to contact us, please peruse which skills are currently being sought after by clicking here, as well as, what we anticipate from you and what we can offer in return.


Please direct any additional questions or inquiries about volunteering with the NamKhan Project to info@namkhanproject.com. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



What do We Expect from Our Volunteers?


Volunteers should have enthusiasm for working “hands-on,” learning new skills, as well as, educating our local staff.


We are looking for genuine individuals who will adjust to the conditions and can work with the team. We ask that volunteers stay at least 3 weeks, but no longer than 24 weeks.


Volunteers typically work 5-7 hours per day, which consists of one part working and one part instruction. Our volunteers have Sunday as a free day and can choose another free day within every three weeks of volunteering. However, we are adaptable and we can address individual issues.


If you don’t mind, check out our volunteer information agreement to get more detailed information. Please download, complete, and email the application to info@namkhanproject.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!


Please follow this link to read some statements form our volunteers.


What Do We Offer to the Volunteers at the NamKhan Project?


Free accommodation:


Volunteers live in bungalows which host up to 4 people.


Free food:


Three meals per day take place in a public kitchen area. The meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner which consists of delicious, authentic Lao cuisine. Free tea or coffee is available with breakfast.  Soft drinks, beer, wine and some snacks are available for purchase.




Motorbike/bicycle can be rented or hired at little cost. Laundry services are offered at little cost to volunteers, as well.


How Do Volunteers Spend Their Spare Time?


There are tours accessible within the area which include sanctuary or temple tours, elephant camps, and waterfalls with pools.


Teaching In Bandenkeo School

Teaching In Bandenkeo School

Do Volunteers Pay to Stay at the NamKhan Project? 


Many volunteering organizations or projects charge money for volunteering. We do not charge any money from our volunteers. However, we would be very grateful if you donate an amount of money you feel is appropriate. We will use donation money to benefit outside institutions and purchase learning materials for schools in which volunteers teach. We don’t need your money , but there are people who are in need of help and we support them.


What is the NamKhan Project?


The NamKhan Project is a permaculture eco farm arranged in Luang Prabang, Laos. Its’ mission is for the instruction of permaculture farming techniques in Laos. Parallel to the NamKhan Riverone can discover the NamKhan Village which consists of different workshops, learning centers and housing facilities for guests and volunteers. Also, visitors can walk through the NamKhan Gardens which are an open, ideal space to unwind at an outside spa, a pool, an exercise area and an area to relax.


Where is the NamKhan Project?


Laos, the alleged land locked or “forgotten” nation just north of Thailand, is the home Luang Prabang– an ensured Luang Prabang – an ensured UNESCO world culture legacy site.  Luang Prabang is a cozy, protected city amidst the wilderness where the Mekong and NamKhan Rivers meet. The NamKhan Eco Farm is around 5 km outside of Luang Prabang and extends along the NamKhan River.


Please follow this link, to get detailed instructions how to find us.


Please also check our FAQ page if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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