Wat Phou (Vat Phou) in Laos

Most Popular Hindu Temple In The Province Of Champasack

Wat Phou  is the most popular Hindu temple built under Khmer Empire in the province of Champasack, Laos. The complex is enormous and has several reflections and statues of the ruling kings.

Wat Phou or Vat Phou Hindu Temple in Champasack, Laos

Wat Phou or Vat Phou Hindu Temple in Champasack, Laos

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The Wat Phou

The Wat Phou or Vat Phou contains figures that reflect the goodness and strengths of the Khmer Empire and built in the 5th century as evidenced in the ancient stone inscriptions found in the complex. It began to fall into ruins until restored in the 11th century added by new design. After the fall of the Khmer power, the Buddhism became a dominant religion, but the temple remained prominently unchanged. There were just a few modifications to restore the ruined structure and to serve the practices of the Buddhist.

Vat Phou Temple<T

The Wat Phou or Vat Phou temple located in Pakse, in the center city of the province of Champasack, Laos creates a breathtaking and stunning view all year round to the visitors who enjoy and appreciate the art and its history. It has lintels, pediments, terrace, courtyard, doorways, walls, and more. Opposite of the other temples, it is entirely free to capture photos except for a few areas. Nearby the  temple is a spring that , emit a holy water as a result of the spiritual vibes. There is also an altar found with four large Buddhas in display and Buddha images around the temple.

Wat Phu<T

Wat Phou or Wat Phu indicates as Mountain Temple that explains the relationship between nature and humankind based on the Hindu version. The temple built in the 5th century has an exceptional structure, and it is open to view and lead to the shrine where Lord Shiva bathed in the water from the mountain spring. Because of this, the Wat becomes the center of Theravada Buddhists worships.

The Ruined Hindu Temple of Khmer Empire, Laos

The Ruined Hindu Temple of Khmer Empire, Laos

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Since Buddhists known Wat Phou as a temple complex of vast religious and cultural importance, several organizations and local authorities organized Boun Wat Phou or Wat Phou Festival that takes place every 15th of the 3rd month of the Lao lunar calendar to commemorate the people who contributed to the beautiful ancient architecture. The festival takes about three days to three nights or about seven days to seven nights based on the traditional Buddhists practices. There is also a parade of elephants and horses and crafts’ fair and demonstrations of the traditions from generation to generation of the Lao people. Around this time, there are traditional music, sports, dance, and various local produce. During the final day of the celebration, the senior dignitaries and religious figures from other parts of the country arrive to take part in Tak Bat or the alms giving ceremony to the monks.

Wat Phou (Vat Phou) is an excellent place to have a great time. In fact, it belongs to the Famous Temples in Laos. Check the Visit Mekong for flights to find your trip more comfortable to visit the wat. The Hindu temple is impressive, and Wat Phou or Vat Phou temple is known as a second UNESCO World Heritage site after the Luang Prabang.

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